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Since 2010, Rita and Mel began this amazing journey or RIME Entertainment. We wrote shorts; promoted bands, filmmakers and creative talent in the Arts & Media Industry - this was all via our online magazine, RIME Showcase. After a pause to make things happen in their solo careers, the passion never left this sister duo. 

Rita, is a qualified and very experienced coach with over 18 years experience. She has coached many people within the music, arts and film industry, as well as business owners and entrepreneurs. Click here for more info on Rita.

Melissa, is qualified Project Manager, and award winning screenwriter / filmmaker. She has been involved in managing both corporate and non-corporate events and projects since 2005. She has been working with musicians, filmmakers and creative businesses since 2005. This passion of working within entertainment still continues. Click here for more info on Melissa.

In June 2019, Rita and Mel decided to make a comeback and relaunch RIME Entertainment Limited with their YouTube Channel - RIME Entertainment Showcase. It was time that they got back to their first love - speaking to people who are living their dream and passion. The aim of the game is to inspire, empower, promote great talent, and have fun along the journey...

RIME Entertainment Limited are a talent, promotion, and productions company. We work with some really fantastic individuals and groups who believe passionately in the Arts & Entertainment Industry.  

Our aim is to inspire, and help you build on your creativity to help you make your dreams come true...



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You can be part of our mission to promote unknown talent in the Arts and Entertainment Industry. Get credited on our upcoming shorts and YouTube shows and be part of the journey where you get involved in contributing to our projects!

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