Actors, Singers, Musicians, Artists, Songwriters, Film Makers, or any individuals in the Arts and Entertainment industry - Coach Rita Hurry is here to help you achieve that break in your career.

Gain confidence, turn fear into action, and make that dream your reality.

Make the impossible, I'm Possible!Munbeatable atmosphere. I recommended this driving school to all my friends!”

Coach Rita is a highly qualified expert who will take you from fear and self-doubt to confidence and action in as little as 4 weeks.

You have had the dream for so long now, it's time to start the journey to success. Fear and self-doubt plague you so much until it stops you from taking that step out of the comfort zone, and doing what you love. But now is the time for you, to reclaim your power and your dream and live the life you have wanted for so long. 

You can make it happen and you don't have to wait until you are perfect in all areas. You can start making that dream a reality in as little as 4 weeks with our Intensive Package! Yes, that's all it takes to get your confidence, remove that self-doubt and start taking action every day to changing your life.

You no longer have to be a victim of fear. It's time to start making fear your victim and  controlling the power it has over your dreams and your career.

By working with Coach Rita  over a period of 4 weeks, you can transform and let go of everything that holds you back and start your journey to success.

Feel that you are not ready for an intensive package? No problem, Coach Rita also offers a package of 4 sessions over a period of 4 months maximum, as well as our Creating The Dream Membership Programme, where you gain coaching, training and support every month and accountability to keep you on track towards your dream.

See below for more information on Creating The Dream Membership Programme.

Coach Rita will show you the tools and techniques  to turn your life around and  make those dreams come true.

Coach Rita has over 17 years experience in the field of coaching, helping many individuals across the globe achieve success. Her clients include - Actors, Actresses, Writers, Music Composers, Casting Directors, Musicians, Singers, Artists , DJ's and many more. She is also the Co-Producer and Co-Presenter of RIME Entertainment Showcase.

Techniques used: Law of Attraction; Visualisation & Flow Coaching methods


Transform your career, make your dreams come true and banish self doubt, book a FREE 20 min consultation with Coach Rita today and  find out more.

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Creating the Dream Membership Programme

Are you serious about making it in the Arts & Entertainment Industry?

Are you tired of struggling alone with self doubt and fear?

Are you ready to have the right mindset and self image to be successful?

If your answer is 'Yes' to these questions, Coach Rita Hurry is ready to work with you and support you every step of the way.

Join us for the Creating The Dream membership programme, where you will gain monthly support, coaching and training from Coach Rita each month.

It's time to take action and with monthly accountability you will have the motivation and guidance to overcome those doubts and eliminate procrastination and just go for it!

Imagine achieving your dreams and having a Coach by your side every step of the way, helping you through the low moments and cheering you on through the high moments? Well, you can have that when you join the Creating the Dream Membership Programme.

To find out more about the Creating Your Dream membership please click below. 

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