Entertainment Project Management

You have an idea but have no idea on how to plan or manage it...

The entertainment industry thrives on creativity and talent. However, having a specialised consultant who can provide strategic planning and management of entertainment projects is also a necessity. This could be operational management on set; business planning; scheduling and so much more...

RIME Entertainment can provide Entertainment Project Management Services by using a range of methods and tactical solutions to bring your creative projects to life.

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Arts & Entertainment Coaching 

You have a goal/ambition but have no idea on how to get there...

RIME Entertainment provides Arts & Entertainment Coaching!

A lot of us have ambition and have so much creative talent that we do not know where to begin or do not have an idea on how to embark on the journey to making this dream become a reality. Coach Rita Hurry uses flow coaching methods and various coaching techniques to increase confidence and build on skills that you've been wanting to do all along.

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